Todd Woodruff, the father of the female Las Vegas shooter Amanda Miller, who, along with her husband, killed two police officers at a pizza restaurant and a third person at a nearby Walmart, had pleaded with his daughter not to marry Jerad Miller, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Amanda, 22, and her 31-year-old husband Jerad were identified as being behind Sunday's shootings in Las Vegas. The couple later committed suicide after exchanging gunfire with police. And though police said it was Amanda who reportedly opened fire at the officers, killed the shopper and then shot her husband before killing herself, her father said that the problem was with Jerad. The pair reportedly shared ideas similar to those held by “militia and white supremacists” and considered law enforcement as the “oppressor.”

“She was my sunshine and now she's gone, and I just don't think that I'll be able to get over it,” the 48-year-old man from Lafayette, Ind., said, according to the Times. “That son of a b**** took my sunshine. He ought to be glad he's dead or else I'm chasing him down.”

Woodruff reportedly said that he had requested his daughter not to marry Jerad, who he believed had ties to the anti-government Patriot movement. “I begged her not to marry him, I begged her not to move to Las Vegas,” Woodruff said, according to Los Angeles Times. 

“She just said, 'I love him, Dad,’” he reportedly said, adding: “I told her, 'If you really love him that much, I'll try to put up with him. But if I ever see a mark on you from him, I'll kill him.

“He was into all this Patriot Nation and conspiracy theory stuff, and the next thing I know her phone was getting shut off and she was getting isolated from us.”

Amanda, who grew up in Lafayette, a city located about 105 miles southeast of Chicago, met Jerad at a flea market where he worked as a cashier, Los Angeles Times reported, citing Woodruff, who said that he was against the marriage but attended the wedding for his daughter's sake. He also said that he was against his daughter’s decision of moving to Las Vegas.

“She said there was something out there, some movement she wanted to be a part of,” Woodruff said. He reportedly told police officials that he had last spoken to his daughter on Friday and she seemed happy. He went on to say that he did not believe that it was his daughter who fired the shots.

“It wasn’t her. I just don’t know what kind of hold he had on her,” Woodruff reportedly said. “We talked about a half hour, that was the last time I talked to her,” he reportedly said, adding: “We talked about flying out there for a few days, maybe a week, in August, and that was it.”