Tom Cruise tweeted a barechested photo of himself to promote his upcoming movie Rock of Ages. 

Cruise plays the role of rock star Stacee Jaxx.  Based on the Broadway musical Rock of Ages (which the movie is adapted from), Jaxx is a selfish character who breaks up a young couple by having sex with the woman. 

In the end, he ends up a washed-up has-been who flees to Uruguay from statutory rape charges.

The movie Rock of Ages is set to be released on June 1, 2012. 

Below is the cast:

Role                                                                                                      Cast      

Drew Boley (Aspiring rockstar)                                                   Diego Boneta

Sherrie Christian (His girlfriend at the beginning)                               Julianne Hough

Lonny Barnett (Narrator)                                                              Russell Brand

Stacee Jaxx                                                                                         Tom Cruise

The Mayor's Wife                                                                            Catherine Zeta-Jones

Dennis Dupree                                                                                  Alec Baldwin

Justice Charlier                                                                                  Mary J. Blige

Paul Gill                                                                                                Paul Giamatti

Constance Sack                                                                                 Malin Åkerman

The Mayor                                                                                          Bryan Cranston