Top 10 Best Bedroom Designs

on March 14 2011 12:44 PM
  • Top 10 Best bedroom designs
    Thomas H. Oppelt Elegant Old World Master Bedroom Thomas H. Oppelt
  • Top 10 Best bedroom designs
    By Joseph Pubillones Romantic Bedrooms. This master bedroom suite is gifted with a great amount of space. The very dark brown, almost-black walls make this lofty room feel more intimate. The fireplace and TV wall was reinforced as a focal point with free form-painted horizontal stripes. The artwork, also in a horizontal format, helps maintain your eyes from perceiving the height of the ceiling. Such a bold combination takes a bit of moxie and faith in your designer's choice. Joseph Pubillones
  • Top 10 Best bedroom diesigns
    By Shelly Riehl David Transitional Bedrooms. An antique sari, zebra rug, carved marble side table and custom bedding were combined to create a soothing yet vibrant look for this Minneapolis loft master bedroom. Shelly Riehl David
  • Top 10 Best bedroom designs
    By Elizabeth Rosensteel Contemporary Bedrooms. Elizabeth Rosensteel Designs
  • Top 10 Best Bedroom Designs
    By Kim Smart Romantic Bedroom. Sage green walls provide a relaxing back drop to this bedroom. Plush fabrics were used for the custom bedding ensemble. The fabric panels hanging on the bed frame create a romantic cocoon. Designer tip: Paint the wall color up on to a portion of the recessed ceiling to give the illusion of more height. Kim Smart
  • Top 10 Best bedroom designs
    By Madelyn Simon Contemporary Bedrooms. The furniture and lamps were specially designed for this master bedroom. The console at the end of the bed has a television that rises up electrically. Madelyn Simon
  • Top 10 Best bedroom designs
    By Loretta Willis Cottage Bedrooms. This master bedroom is reflective of a love for florals and relaxation. Loretta Willis
  • Top 10 Best bedroom designs
    By Genoveve Serge Romantic Bedrooms. An oversized bedroom wall is filled with custom headboard and an upholstered screen. The fabric colors are kept serene for this master bedroom. Genoveve Serge
  • Top 10 Best bedroom designs
    By Judith Balis Modern Bedroom. A dark, rich, chocolate-brown accent wall sets the tone for this modern yet romantic master bedroom. Judith Balis
  • Top 10 Best bedroom designs
    By Jane Ellison The ornate decorative plaster ceiling with extra-wide molding handsomely frames the design where a capiz shell chandelier punctuates the center of the room and twinkles in the breeze when the room's French doors are left open. For a touch of the unexpected, a shiny embroidered silk coverlet is paired with a cowhide rug and warm walls of chartreuse and lemon. Jane Ellison
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Here is a list of the top 10 best bedroom designs. Great decorating ideas to transform your bedroom into a cozy retreat. Get inspiration to make your bedroom as dreamy place. 


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