Top 10 Best-Paying Jobs in 2012

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7. Occupational Therapist
An Occupational Therapist "develops individualized programs of activity for mentally, physically, developmentally and emotionally impaired persons, to aid them in achieving self-reliance." The job has one of the fastest growing hiring outlook in 2012. Overall Score: 318.00 Income: $72,110.00 Pictured: Sophia Jablonski (L) is assisted by Dr. Citlali Lopez-Ortiz during a dance class for children with movement disabilities in Evanston, Illinois March 25, 2012. REUTERS/Jim Young

The US-based consultancy CareerCast has listed the ten best jobs of 2012 on the basis work environment offered, stress, income levels, physical demands and job outlook.

Occupations that ranked the best in these five key areas were listed as the top ten. The consultancy says that most of the jobs in their list are based on digital revolution, healthcare and science.

With the increase in digital computing demands and healthcare needs, it makes sense that most of the professions on our Best Jobs list this year are related to the fields of math, science and healthcare, the consultancy noted in its annual Jobs Rated report on the nation's best and worst jobs for 2012.

Here are the ten best jobs of 2012.

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