Every year, a company called Glassdoor does employee surveys to find out who are the best companies to work for. The surveys are anonymous, so that could work for or against a particular company, but Glassdoor has made the results public every year for the last four. This year, the top companies aren't necessarily tech centered, but we've culled the list for the best ones anyway. Glassdoor says the companies that do the best on their surveys are the ones that have competitive pay and benefits packages, open communication practices, and high opinions of the chief executive among other things.

Facebook for example ranks very high, but CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a lower rating in this year's survey than last. There are other companies that do these surveys, of course, and one of them is a company called Universum. They asked business and engineering students around the world where they wanted to work when they graduated. The lists are pretty different, and the only two companies that show up high in both surveys are Apple and Google. Start the slideshow to see the top 10 tech companies to work for in 2012. Tell us in the comments if you work for one of the companies or if you have a recommendation (or warning) about one.  

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