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  • Euro zone crisis biggest threat to global economy: OECD
    Four Signs The Global Economy Is Slowing

    September 18 2012 2:46 PM EDT

    FedEx's forecast cut, signs of stagnation in Germany, drops in oil price and looming political tensions spell trouble for the global economy.

  • Quantitative Counterfeiting Forever

    September 18 2012 9:35 AM EDT

    Last week, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke announced that the central bank would launch an unprecedented form of quantitative easing. This "new and improved" iteration of money printing will be without limit and duration. The Fed Head launched QE III ($40 billion of MBS purchases every month) on September 13th and stated that it will remain in effect until the labor market "improves substantially." He also promised that, "The Committee will continue its purchases of agency mortgage back...

  • NDAA Bill Of 2013: How Did Your Congress Member Vote?
    Tax Cuts For The Rich: Do They Boost GDP?

    September 18 2012 6:11 AM EDT

    Tax cuts for the rich don't seem to be associated with U.S. economic growth and instead are linked to a different outcome: greater income inequality in the U.S. These findings will likely fuel the already bitter political fight over extending the Bush tax cuts for upper-income groups.

  • GE And ING Seek To Flee A Recovering Thailand

    September 17 2012 12:49 PM EDT

    General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) and ING Groep NV (NYSE: ING) may sell their stakes in two Thailand banks, but their message to Asia's 11th largest economy could very well be, "It's not you, it's us."

  • A labourer cleans the floor beside a China Railway High-speed (CRH) train preparing for the operation ceremony from Wuhan to Guangzhou in Wuhan, Hubei province, in this December 26, 2009
    China?s Economy To Rebound Sooner, Stronger Than Expected - Nomura

    September 17 2012 11:27 AM EDT

    While market sentiment for China's growth outlook has been overwhelmingly negative, Nomura's Chief China Economist Zhiwei Zhang remains very bullish.

  • London Session: Do rising Spanish bond yields threaten EURUSD?

    September 17 2012 10:25 AM EDT

    The markets are trading with a risk off tone at the start of the week. There are a couple of reasons for this: 1, the extent of the moves last week may justify a pullback at this stage, 2, the focus turns back to growth as we await a plethora of economic data due in the coming days and 3, problems with Spain.

  • Singh
    India's 'Big Bang Friday' Reforms Might Just Stick

    September 17 2012 1:35 AM EDT

    There were quiet celebrations in the offices of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh late last week after he stunned the country with a slew of steps to revive the tanking economy.

  • iPhone 5
    iPhone 5 Release Date Could Be Major Boost For US Economy, Some Say

    September 15 2012 3:04 PM EDT

    If sales following the iPhone 5 release date are as high as analysts predict, the Apple smartphone could aid the struggling US economy. .

  • NYSE
    Four Things That Could Lift The Dow Jones Industrial Average Even Higher

    September 14 2012 11:26 PM EDT

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI: DJI) gained another 53.51 points, or 0.40 percent, on Friday to close at 13,593.37, the highest level in nearly five years. However, many uncertainties remain. Here are four factors that could make -- or break -- the Dow's continued ascent.

  • Argentine Protest
    Argentines Protest President Fernandez's Economic Policies Amid Rising Inflation

    September 14 2012 1:08 PM EDT

    Many Argentines are protesting against the policies of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner over her tight controls on the economy amid rising inflation. Fernandez has said that her policies are aimed at supporting the most vulnerable in society and will benefit the majority of people as a whole, though she has been criticized for pursuing a populist agenda at the expese of the upper and middle classes.

  • A man walks past the BSE building in Mumbai
    India Opens Gates To Foreign Retailers, Broadcasters, Airlines Amid Slowing Economy

    September 14 2012 12:24 PM EDT

    The government of India, the world's 10th largest economy by gross domestic product, passed wide-ranging laws on Friday expanding foreign investment in the retail, broadcasting and airline sectors, opening its doors to companies like Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE: WMT) amid slowing growth.

  • Vietnam Targets Bloggers, But Voices Of Dissent Won't Pipe Down

    September 14 2012 8:08 AM EDT

    The Communist Party of Vietnam has vowed to target any blogs and websites that are "anti-party" or "anti-state," but government critics have responded with defiance.

  • The Fed has chosen an open end too

    September 13 2012 3:43 PM EDT

    Following the ECB outlining unlimited bond purchasing plan last week, The Fed has decided today to start buying new MBS loading $40B of it monthly in a regular pace in a new QE step till it is to choose to say that's enough and over. The decision is looking targeting the housing market more than the other sector but it will be inevitably working for producing more jobs in a faster way than the current one which lead to producing 96k out of the farming sector in last August as they were in the...

  • US Federal Reserve
    US Economy To Grow 2% Or Less This Year: Fed

    September 13 2012 2:21 PM EDT

    The U.S. central bank lowered its forecast for economic growth this year, but it reiterated its expectations for unemployment. Further, the bank said it now expects the Fed's first interest rate hike to take place in 2015.

  • Baby
    Fewer Children Dying Worldwide, But Mortality Rates Still Too High: UN

    September 13 2012 11:20 AM EDT

    A new report from UNICEF, the WHO and the World Bank says that under-five mortality has decreased significantly worldwide, but many countries are still not on track to meet their Millennium Development Goals.

  • London Session: Is it the Bernanke put or the Bernanke call these days?

    September 13 2012 8:18 AM EDT

    Today is all about Bernanke and the FOMC meeting that concludes later today. The main questions the markets want answered is 1, will we get more QE this month, 2, what form will it take, and 3, what size will it be? The markets seem to have made up their mind on the first question the Fed will act because of the unambiguously bad payrolls data in August and also after Bernanke’s defence of conventional QE at the Jackson Hole conference last month. We tend to agree that if the Fed doesn’t announ...

  • China GDP
    Is China’s Stimulus For Real? Economists Lower 2012 Growth Forecasts

    September 13 2012 7:02 AM EDT

    China's economic slowdown is expected to reach its nadir in the third quarter, leaving growth for 2012 likely to fall below 8 percent, a level unseen since 1999. While top Chinese leaders remain confident that the world's second-largest economy still has "ample strength" in either monetary or fiscal domains to propel economic growth, economists caution that the $158 billion stimulus unveiled by China may not be all it's hyped up to be.

  • Rupee
    HSBC Cuts India's GDP Forecast For Fiscal 2013, 2014 Citing Lack Of Momentum In Reforms

    September 13 2012 4:31 AM EDT

    HSBC has cut its India GDP forecast for the fiscal 2013 to 5.7 percent from the previous forecast of 6.2 percent, citing "the lack of reform traction" and a more "challenging" global economic state of affairs.

  • Lee Myung-bak
    Korean Reunification ‘Inevitable’: Lee Myung-Bak

    September 12 2012 2:12 PM EDT

    orth and South Korea technically remain at war since 1953, when their civil war ended in a truce instead of a peace treaty.

  • Poland's Prime Minister Tusk and European Commission President Barroso address a news conference Brussels
    José Manuel Barroso’s State of the European Union 2012 Speech (FULL-TEXT)

    September 12 2012 10:33 AM EDT

    José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, delivered the following State of the Union 2012 speech during a session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, on September 12, 2012