Toshiba Corporation on Tuesday unveiled the world’s largest memory card equipped with fastest data transfer rates for reading and writing speed of 60Mbps and 30Mbps respectively.

The new 64 GB flash memory card features 35Mbps of write speed and 60Mbps of read speed, boasting the ability to copy a 2.4GB video file in 70 seconds. It weights 2.1g and measure 24x32x2.1mm with SD memory standard ver.3.00, UHS 104 SD interface complaint.

Tokyo-based Toshiba also introduced new line of SDHC cards, a 16GB SDHC and 32GB SDHC, which delivers the same write speed of 35Mbps and a read speed of 60Mbps.

The SDXC card will start shipping on November 2009, while the SDHC cards will be available in 2010.