A driver who was traveling on a highway outside the San Diego, California area said his Toyota Prius accelerator pedal stuck when he tried to pass a slower vehicle and speeded up to 94 mph, CNN reports.

The Prius model has been recalled for breaking problems but not acceleration problems.

I was down in an angle trying to pull it [the accelerator pedal] back. I thought it was maybe stuck, the driver, Jim Sikes, said in a press conference, CNN reports. My mat was perfect, there was nothing wrong with my mat and the pedal wouldn't do anything it stayed right where it was, he added.

Sikes called 911 and a California Highway Patrol Officer catch up with him and instructed to push the break pedal and push the emergency break at the same time and the vehicle started to slow down.

As a response to the incident Toyota sent investigators to the location.

So far Toyota has acknowledged that the floor mats entrap the accelerator pedal and secondly, a sticky pedal problem. The company says it has not found electronic problems with its cars.