Asus decided to begin rolling out software updates for the Eee Pad Transformer Prime even though the update was scheduled for Jan.12 anyway. Asus made the announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas Jan. 9, where they also announced an updated version of the Prime with better resolution and improved GPS signal. Prime owners can expect to get an over the air update with the all new Andorid 4.0, and that makes Prime the first tablet to run it. If you haven't gotten the update yet, connect your Prime to a Wi-Fi signal and see if the update has been sent. If it hasn't you might simply have to wait a day or two.

As for the updated Prime variant, it's called the Transformer Prime TF700T and it features 1920x1200p resolution. To fix the GPS, Wi-Fi and bluetooth problems, Asus has also remade the back of the device so the signals have less trouble connecting. It will be $600 for the 16 gigabyte version and should be ready sometime after April. This is not good timing on Asus' part because people have lining up to buy the Transformer Prime, so if they've only finally gotten it after waiting a month, they might not be pleased to know about the updated version.

Furthermore, Asus also debuted a new seven inch tablet that will sell for $250 and be nearly as powerful as the Prime itself. It's got the same quad-core processor, 1280×800p resolution and Asus promises it has a terrific camera. It will also ship with Android 4.0. Lastly, Asus announced they are planning a 3G version of the Prime. There's no word yet on what carriers will support it in the U.S. because Asus hasn't said if it will be a GSM or CDMA unit. Tell us in the comments if you've gotten the ICS update or if you've had any problems with the GPS or Wi-Fi.