The Obama administration has delayed the announcement for a plan to overhaul the financial system until Tuesday as officials work on passing an important economic stimulus package in the Senate and with some questions remaining about specific aspects of the Treasury's bailout plan.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's plan is expected to make a speech tomorrow at 11 a.m. instead of today, according to reports.

While some aspects of Treasury's plan for the financial system are set in place some issues are still outstanding, according to Bloomberg.

There will be capital injections into some banks announced tomorrow, people briefed with the matter said. Meanwhile, the Federal reserve will announce the extension of a program meant to help increase loans to consumers and small businesses and could include additional provisions to include real estate, the sources said.

Officials have not decided on how to deal with assets in banks and other financial institutions which are weighing on companies' balance sheets. These assets are currently hard to value since the markets on which they depend, including the floundering housing market, are still in turmoil. The government has not decided if it will choose a 'bad bank' model to take the assets away from the companies, the sources said.