Trend Micro on Tuesday unveiled its anti-malware software designed for virtual machines environments such as VMware’s ESX or ESXi.

Its new Core Protection feature is optimized to scan virtual machines s in active and dormant states, as well as providing malware protection against threats like Conficker. It integrates into VMware’s management console with vCenter.

As virtualization revolutionizes computing, it is introducing new risks to the security of the datacenter, said Tom Miller, general manager for the enterprise business unit at Trend Micro. Trend Micro Core Protection for Virtual Machines goes further than any other product in the industry towards providing specialized content security for virtual servers, both active and dormant, in today's dynamic datacenter.

The company plans to introduce VMware-based security platform for intrusion detection and prevention later on fall this year as part of its data-center security strategy with its newly acquired Ottawa, Ontario based Third brigade business.

The Trend Micro Core Protection for Virtual Machines 1.0 will be available in August 2009 in Standalone Core by vCenter or OSCE X Advanced Suite.