Reuters reports that tropical storm Sonia gained strength as it made its way to the Pacific coast of Mexico early on Sunday. Sonia is expected to bring intense rains over a large portion of western Mexico in addition to the flooding that has already taken place over the past couple of months. Reuters also confirms that Sonia was churning 205 miles south of Los Cabos, a popular tourist destination at the southern tip of Baja California.

The United States National Hurricane Center announced tropical storm Sonia is set to make landfall early on Monday. According to the Associated Press, Sonia grew from a tropical depression early Sunday and is now centered about 250 miles south of the southernmost tip of the peninsula. Maximum sustained winds clocked in at 40 mph and the storm has been traveling north at 7 mph.

Forecasters worry that Sonia's heavy rains, life-threatening flash floods and mudslides could cause serious damage. The Hurricane Center also confirms that Sonia will cause 12-foot waves.