Sighs of relief must have been audible throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport over the weekend when a trucker who was detained after making a wrong turn into Mexico was released from prison.

Jabin Bogan was greeted by his family for the first time since April, when he was arrested and charged with smuggling after accidentally carrying cargo meant for a Phoenix gun shop across the border, according to ABC News. Firearm restrictions are much tighter in Mexico than in the United States.

Bogan was arrested while trying to re-enter the U.S. at a stop near El Paso, Texas, with 268,000 rounds of ammunition in the back of his truck, which drew the scrutiny of Mexican officials.

“He told me he was coming from the warehouse, missed a turn, and was stuck one-way going south,” said Denis Mekenye, Bogan’s boss at the Demco Express trucking company.  “At that point he asked a cop how to make a U-turn and was told to go three or four miles, but at that point was in Mexico.”

Bogan, if convicted, would have been looking at a maximum of 25 years in prison.

ABC affiliate WFAA reported the emotional reunion was made possible because Bogan’s mother paid a fine, springing him from the Mexican lockup Friday.

“My son, that's my motivation,” Jabin said, quoting his mother. “That kept me going every day. My mama is my strength -- without my mama I would be nowhere now. My family is my pride and joy.

“I want to say God is good, man. God has blessed me.”

Bogan, 27, was arrested just hundreds of feet away from a sign that read “No More Weapons” and he told the Associated Press it was hard to keep faith while he was behind bars, uncertain of his fate.

“Some days I gave up hope. Some days I felt like God was, to be honest in my heart, like God was laughing,” he said. “Like he was just punishing me for no reason. I felt like just giving up.”