Things aren’t looking too good for Tori Spelling. Her Lifetime reality show “True Tori” may be in jeopardy of getting canceled. The docu-series follows Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott, but it hasn't been receiving the ratings it once did when it premiered in April.

What kind of damage are we talking about? The Season 2 premiere brought in only 766,000 viewers (thanks to a fake pregnancy scandal), compared to the 1 million viewers it received during the show’s freshman installment, Radar Online noted. The original Lifetime drama is getting trumped in the numbers department by reruns of “Family Guy,” Spike TV reality show “Ink Master” and the adult cartoon “Squidbillies,” according to Zap2it.

But because the show is scheduled to run for only two more weeks, it seems unlikely “True Tori” will get canceled before the Season 2 finale. The only question now is will there be a third season of the Spelling/McDermott drama?

This isn’t the first time this year that Spelling has had to worry about a cancellation. During the Season 2 premiere of “True Tori,” the actress confessed to McDermott that her new ABC series -- “Mystery Girls,” which she starred in along side her former “Beverly Hill, 90210” buddy Jennie Garth -- was given the ax.

The recently dismissed sitcom followed the story of two former stars of a fictional 90’s TV detective series who reunited to solve actual crimes. Unfortunately, the show couldn’t crack the case of how to avoid receiving less than impressive ratings.

Spelling discussed the termination of the comedy on “True Tori” in a TV-worthy breakdown. She frantically panicked that with her “Mystery Girl” paycheck now missing in action she wouldn’t be able to support her growing family. We’re sure Spelling can feel the pressure to keep her current gig alive, which only makes us wonder what kind of antics she and McDermott will be up to in the remaining episodes of “True Tori.” Do we foresee another fake pregnancy in Spelling's future?

Do you think “True Tori” will be cancelled? Sound off in the comments section below with your theories if the Lifetime drama will make it to a third season.