Three months have passed since the deadly earthquake Tsunami struck Japan, leaving over 16,000 dead or missing, according to authorities in Japan. A Japanese non-profit group that went to explore under the sea in hopes of finding the missing Tsunami victims found a ghost town instead.
On March 11, huge waves swept over three prefectures of Miyagi, Iwate, and Fukushima. Scuba divers captured the aftermath of Tsunami, off the coast, nearby these regions. Buildings, houses, scores of vehicles, furniture were found intact under the sea creating an image of a ghost town.
Though many things were swept away by the destructive wall of waves, far beneath the sea surface lay mementos and memories of happier moments of numerous lives. Scuba divers revealed remnants of the calamity such as diary, family photos, valued possessions, and keepsakes, suspended in time, remarkably intact.
I wouldn't dare call it rubble...Once these were someone's valued possessions, ABC News cited one of the divers, as saying.
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