A one-meter high tsunami hit the city of Ishinomaki in northeastern Japan Friday after a 7.3 magnitude earthquake rocked the region.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the earthquake struck in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture at 5.18 p.m. local time and the tremors were felt as far as Tokyo. The epicenter was 10 kilometer below the seabed.

The authorities had issued a warning for a two-meter high tsunami in Miyagi Prefecture in northeastern Japan. The U.S. Geological Survey said that there were no risks of a widespread tsunami, Reuters reported.

The coast of Miyagi Prefecture was hit by a devastating earthquake and tsunami in March 2011 that killed more than 15,000 people. It had triggered a meltdown of fuel rods at the Fukushima nuclear plant, resulting in radiation leaks and mass evacuation.

Tokyo Electric Power Company that operates the nuclear power station told the AFP that there were no reports of irregularity this time.

The Japanese yen rose 0.1 percent to 82.32 against the dollar at 5.43 p.m. local time, following the reports of the tsunami.