A lengthy Tuesday morning shooting spree in Tustin, Calif., reportedly left several people dead in the Orange County town.

Tustin police told the Associated Press that at least three people were killed and a number of others were left wounded after a 25-minute-long shooting spree took place early Tuesday morning at a series of intersections then made its way onto a freeway.

NBC Los Angeles reported Tuesday morning that it was not immediately clear whether the gunman was alive or dead, and that police had responded to a minimum of four sites in the aftermath of the shooting.

But the AP reported that the gunman killed himself several miles away from the site of the deaths of his second two victims in Tustin, adding that his first slaying appeared to have taken place during a carjacking in an unincorporated area of Orange County.


Tustin police Supervisor Dave Kanoti confirmed to the AP that there were several crime scenes being investigated Tuesday morning, and that authorities were determining whether or not the shootings were interrelated.

The AP went on to report that there may be more victims of the shooting spree, while NBC Los Angeles reported that the shootings took place in both Tustin and Villa Park, two communities in Orange County, Calif.