Television personality and singer Myleene Klass said she regrets marrying second husband and convicted drug dealer Graham Quinn without signing a prenuptial agreement. Quinn reportedly walked out on Klass on her 34th birthday and recently took to Twitter to rant about his wife.

The couple divorced three years ago after just six months of marriage. Klass told the Mirror she made a mistake by marrying Quinn and had a horrible time staying with him. “I was holding the baby, working, doing everything and I wasn’t happy. It was horrible,” the new host of "BBQ Champ" told the Mirror.

She said she wishes she would have paid heed to the advice of her father and friends, who foresaw trouble. “Everyone could hear the alarm bells except me. I should have just opened my eyes,” Klass said. She also scolds herself because she married "a convicted drug dealer and didn’t sign a prenup. What was I thinking?” Klass said, adding she now realizes how stupid she was.

Quinn earlier lashed out on Twitter claiming Klass is not allowing him to see his children and he has lost a huge amount of money in the divorce. The "Hear’Say" star did not respond to Quinn's Twitter rant, the Huffington Post reported.  

Klass, 37, is now enjoying her life post her divorce, dating a new man whose name she did not reveal. The multitalented entertainer, however, said she is not looking to settle down soon and is dating only to have a good time. “I’m just having fun. Which annoys my friends as they think I should be looking,” she added.

However, it is not easy being a single mom to her two girls, Eva and Hero. Klass said she is the “breadwinner” for her girls and it keeps her hands full all the time. She gets up at 4 a.m. every day and took just one off day last month. But she does not regret working hard and is teaching her girls to be independent. “Me and my girls built a shelf for the bathroom together the other day. They need to know how. I don’t want them to ever feel helpless,” she added.