Author Stephenie Meyer has answered the question many Twilight and Fifty Shades fans have been asking: What does she think of E.L. James' erotic trilogy?

Answer: She hasn't even read it, but she wishes the author well.

I mean, good honor, Meyer recently told MTV. She's doing well. That's great. 

Meyer would be one to comment on Fifty Shades, as the successful trilogy started off as Twilight fan fiction. The story was titled Master of the Universe -- and available online for free -- before it was reworked and published by an Australian publishing house. Vintage Books acquired the rights to the story earlier this year and put it on sale to enormous success. Both the original fan fiction and the revised story feature erotic scenes between the two lead characters.

The racy stuff may be what is keeping Meyer, who is Mormon, from taking a peek.

That's really not my genre, she told MTV. Not my thing.

Fair enough. Twilight lovers know very well that Edward Cullen refused to consummate his relationship with his lady love until after they were married, which fits with the author's religious beliefs. That whole sex-before-marriage issue doesn't even come up in Fifty Shades of Grey.

Meyer believes James' story would have been published even if Twilight had never existed.  

It might not exist in the exact form that it's in, but obviously she had a story in her and so it would have come out in some other way, she told MTV.