Two teenagers from Texas are arrested for stealing money from a group of Girl Scouts, who were selling cookies outside a local Walmart store in Richmond, Texas.

Justin Roger-Zenon - an eighteen year old - and his 16 year old unnamed aid are charged with aggravated robbery by the Fort Bend County police, a Courier Mail report said.

The story of the theft had made national media headlines a week ego for the courage girls showed in chasing the thieves.  A 15-year-old Scout had got bruises when she tried to stop the robbers' car.

The robber had grabbed the cash box containing the Girl Scout's cookies money from their table and made away March 3. The cash box reportedly contained $200.

The police identified and arrested the culprits from surveillance video footages and descriptions by the Girl Scouts.

Roger-Zenon is a high school student and police have not revealed the identity of his accomplice as he is a minor.

The girls had got donations from all over the country to compensate the money they lost, reported.

It's very cowardly act to go pick on little girls out trying to sell cookies, but it's not very risky for them, chief deputy Craig Brady told At least, that's what their perception was, he added.