At least one person is dead after a former employee shot two Doctors Without Borders workers in Somalia. Ahmed Ali, a security guard for the group, told the Associated Press that a Somalian employee who was fired earlier this week returned on Thursday and opened fire, hitting at least two workers and killing at least one.

The shooting occurred in the Somalian Capital, Mogadishu, long known to be a dangerous place for aid workers.  There are frequent attacks from militant groups in the area, as well as kidnappings for ransom. Many times attacks like this are the work of al-Shabab, a Somalian militant group.  This time, however, they were the first to report it. The military group sent out a tweet saying A gunman has stormed the building & opened fire on MSF staff inside, and that a fierce battle is now raging.

Maimouna Jallow, a spokeswoman for Doctors Without Border told the Associated Press that  there was in fact a shooting that took place, saying We confirm that a serious shooting incident has taken place in the MSF compound in Mogadishu.  At this point we don't have more information about the scale and the extent of the incident. MSF is doing everything it can to ensure the security of its staff.

Doctors Without Borders, better known as Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), their name in French, a humanitarian aid group that provides healthcare and medical training to war-torn and impoverished countries.