The UAE employment market is improving, but remains to be unstable and inconsistent, corresponding to a report released today by Big Daw, a worldwide job search website. The statement, Assessing the UAE Job Market, studied problems in the Emirates according to input from recruitment agents. The UAE market is continuing to show tangible signs of recovery, said Hasnain Qazi, Middle East business manager for Pathway Resourcing in Dubai, who was one of the recruiters who provided information in the report. Key points in the report consist of:

- While hiring has been increasing, employing levels vary widely depending on the industry, company and position.

- Overall, competition is fierce, with far more candidates than vacancies.

- Companies are doing more internal hiring, relying more on their HR departments for recruitment, requiring more from recruiters, taking more time to complete the candidate selection process, being more careful in the selection process, and in general offering smaller pays.

- Hiring levels are unstable and difficult to predict because of economic anxiety.

- Westerners remain interested in coming to work in the Emirates.

The report also provides suggestions on job search practices and techniques that employers recognized as being helpful for those searching for job in the UAE.

The report can be downloaded at