The Uganda National Planning Authority is in final stages of tabling a 10-year national development plan for the government and the private sector.

The plan will provide a benchmark for the narrowing of income inequalities amongst communities in Uganda, Frank Mabiriizi, the Chairman of the National Planning Authority, said Saturday during A conference about the future development plans for the country.

The goal of the plan is to be achieved through legitimate provision of opportunities, social service and infrastructure, through the development of the appropriate economic cultures and through full human resource development, according to Mabiriizi.

He noted the master plan would help the government to address the need for timely physical planning and massive investments and channel resources where development is needed most and the ultimate goal is poverty reduction.Uganda is one of the very few countries in the world without a national master plan.

With a 3.3 percent population growth per annum, the country's population is projected to reach 50 million by 2020 and 103 million people by 2050, thus making a long term plan is in urgent need.