Everything is being done to maintain the stability of the British economy after a bank crisis, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said on Tuesday.

"What I want to assure people of is that everything that can be done will be done -- and is being done -- to maintain the stability of the economy," Brown told the BBC after a government promise to guarantee deposits at Northern Rock (NRK.L: Quote, Profile, Research) bank appeared to ease a run on the bank.

"We are an economy that will continue to grow and continue to create jobs and continue to have low inflation and low interest rates and everything that has been put in place ... is designed to ensure that," he said.

Brown argued that Northern Rock's problems were the result of international events that were "bound to have an effect on every industrial country", but he said the British economy was strong enough to deal with them.

"This is a set of financial problems that have happened in America, spread to Germany and Europe and now we're seeing some instances of that in Northern Rock in the UK," he said.

"But we are an economy that has taken the measures that have been necessary to keep a stable economy, so inflation is coming down, and at the same time we could embrace regulatory measures to ensure that when incidents like this happen they are properly dealt with," said Brown, who was attending a discussion on the future of the health service in Birmingham.