A U.K based firm is planning to unveil a $195 laptop targeted at students at the end of the month, making it the least expensive laptop offering yet.

Elonex, a British consumer electronics firm said that it will unveil it's One laptop at The Education Show in Birmingham, running from February 28 to March 1.

The ONE removes the cost barrier that has prevented the one-laptop-per-person, large-scale uptake of computers in the education system that has for so long been just a pipe-dream, said Sam Goult, Marketing Manager at Elonex. Investment in digital technology is paramount to help the next generation achieve their full potential.

The laptop will boast a 3-hour battery life, Wi-Fi, a flash-based hard drive, a hard-wearing case and a wireless music server, and will weigh less than 2.2 pounds, the company said.

The ONE has been designed to be an Education based resource, but the variety of uses are almost limitless, Goult continued. We also expect the sub £100 laptop to be a huge success with adult learners, business users, people who are constantly mobile, elderly people and first time internet users.

Elonex's device is not the first inexpensive laptop to greet consumers.

The One Laptop per Child project's XO device, Asus's Eee PC, and Intel's Classmate PC are all in the same category, however the One remains the cheapest.

The ONE wll be launched at The Education Show at the NEC.