Marc Ostrofsky is a serial entrepreneur, investor and author who got ahead by ‘asking questions’ and learning from the best. In 1997 he made a very wise decision to invest in domain names: He then sold for a record price tag of $7.5 million .Now he is a New York Times Selling Author who has just released his second book ‘Word of Mouse’.

‘Word of Mouse’ is about the trends we live, sell, learn, work and play from. In a world where technology is constantly evolving it can often be hard to adapt or keep up. Ostrfksy sat down with IBTimesTV to explain these trends and how we can not only adapt but thrive in our personal and professional lives by knowing about the evolving digital world.

There are three key points that Ostrfosky discusses that he says can help in getting ahead professionally and hopefully increasing your wallet size: First and foremost he explains the importance of asking questions and to surround yourself with the sorts of people that know the answers.

Secondly, if you don’t know, find out and ‘hire your weaknesses’. He explains that you become the average of who you surround yourself with- so if you want to become a professional baseball player, you would surround yourself with these sorts of athletes. Same goes for companies: if your weakness is social media hire a competent team who is at the top of their game that then can in turn teach you.

Thirdly is the ability to continue to learn; Ostrofsky is already an established author and player in the financial world, yet he still attends seminars and continues to ask the important questions. Before our interview even began Ostrofsky asked the IBTimesTV camera technician five questions about the set-up and how exactly the cameras and microphones worked.

From the way in which we now sign checks to the way we search on Google, the digital world controls and cultivates our lives and the way in which we work. Marc Ostrosky’s new book aims to break down the walls of intimidation by providing an easy way to understand the digital trends and use them to our advantage.