A 49-year-old unemployed Illinois man found $150,000 cash while picking some greens from his backyard Monday.

“I was making dinner at home on Monday night when I went to garden for some broccoli, and came across two bagfuls of $20 bills,” Wayne Sabaj said.

Sabaj told WGN-TV that he showed the money to his father, whom he lives with, and thought hard about what to do.

We've got enough problems, he said. Now we've got another problem ... what are we gonna do with all this money?

Sabaj, in 2005 lost his home and is an unemployed carpenter. He decided to give the money to the McHenry County Sheriff's Office.

With my luck, he said, it would've come from a bank robbery and I'd be charged with bank robbery.

Sabaj found the bag at about 3:30 p.m. on Monday at his home on Oakleaf Ave. in an unincorporated area near Johnsburg. He immediately called up police. Police after arriving found a second bag with more money.

McHenry County Undersheriff Andrew Zinke said that officers have found another bag in the backyard.

Zinke said that there have been no reports of any recent large residential or commercial robbery, but investigation is going on from where the money came.

The bags are processed for fingerprints and investigators are investigating the serial numbers from the bills in the hopes of finding any leads, the Daily Herald reported.

If the legal owner of the bag is not identified, then police will decide whether Sabaj can keep the cash or not. Sabaj told the Northwest Herald that he has contacted an attorney.

Police officials left a McHenry County sheriff's card with a phone number with an instructions to please call in the Sabajs' backyard, the Chicago Tribune reported.