Alexander Song, a student from the Universtiy of Maryland, was arrested after posting threats on the Internet about

Song, 19, of Fulton, Md., was arrested on Sunday and taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, hours before he allegedly threatened to bring weapons to campus and shoot students, reported Reuters.

The best security we have is us looking after each other, said university police Chief David Mitchell, according to the AP And that's exactly what happened. Three people saw online postings and called us.

As the 19-year-old student was taken away, he was reportedly crying and shaking. Mitchell said he appeared emotionally distraught, but it is unclear at this time why he was upset.

Song was not armed when he was arrested and they did not find any weapons in his dorm room or his parent's house. Individuals who knew Song said there did not appear to be any indication he would commit a violent act, reported the AP.

Police have not revealed where Song posted the comments, but they reportedly appeared on the popular Internet forum, Reddit and, a website that enables anonymous chatting.

On Omegle, Song allegedly wrote told an individual that he was thinking about going on a shooting rampage all around campus until the police come and kill me.

On Reddit, he allegedly wrote the date and time he would carry out the act.

Stay away from the Mall tomorrow [Sunday] at 1:30, Song wrote on a website, according to Reuters. I will be on a shooting rampage tomorrow on campus...Hopefully I kill enough people to make it to national news.

Someone in the chat told Song they planned to call the police.

LOL. Go ahead. You don't even know what campus I'm talking about, the chief Mitchell said Song responded.

Detectives traced the messages to a computer used by Song. They set up surveillance, tracking his movements through campus. They did not activate any emergency system for students, because they had the suspect under close watch and did not believe the students were in any danger.

The last thing we wanted to do was alert the entire campus, including Mr. Song, that we were looking for him and therefore create a (new) threat, said Capt. Marc Limansky, a police spokesman, according to the AP.

Last week, police questioned Song about shouting coming from his dormitory.

He told us he was feeling a little stressed out, said Chief Mitchell. There was nothing that would lead us to believe that he was a threat to himself or others,

Song was a member of a research program for honor students on campus that explored how science and technology could relate society.

He was one of the leaders of a sophomore research team, reported the AP. The team was studying purification techniques of methane gas.