A U.S. Airways Boeing 757, which had arrived from Glasgow, Scotland, was evacuated on Friday at Philadelphia International Airport because of a threatening note, reports said. The Anchorage, Alaska, bound flight was taken to a remote part of the airport where it was swept by law enforcement officials.

The 157 passengers and six crew members, who aboard Flight 968, were asked by Transport Security Administration (TSA) officials to disembark so that the plane could be inspected, airport officials said.

The investigation was launched because of a threatening note, the TSA said in a statement. However it didn't provide any further details.

The passengers were taken inside Terminal A and were interviewed by investigators. Baggage handlers unloaded the plane.

An explosive ordnance technician zeroed in on a suitcase and its contents were examined by the police. However, no explosives were found. More than three hours later the plane was cleared and declared safe.

"The threat was never deemed particularly credible," said Special Agent J.J. Klaver, a spokesman for the Philadelphia division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to a NY Times report.

"But if threat information is received, it's going to be followed up on."

The incident did not result in any delays and no injuries were reported.