US Capitol Shooting In Pictures: Witnesses Capture Chilling Photos Of Miriam Carey Incident

By @TreyeGreen on
The Capitol building was under lockdown on Oct. 3 when it was reported that an active shooter was near the premises. Suspect Miriam Carey sparked a police chase in front of the building after she attempted to ram the White House security gate. Reuters

When the dramatic shooting incident commenced on Capitol Hill on Thursday afternoon, numerous witnesses sprung into action to capture the real-time details of the tense situation. One officer was injured in the high-speed chase that ended with officers shooting and killing suspect Miriam Carey outside the Hart Senate Office Building and officers removing an 18-month-old child from the car who officials say is in good condition. 
As authorities chased down Carey outside the Capitol after she attempted to ram through White House security gates -- prompting a shutdown of the Capitol building -- journalists, bystanders, tourists and even Washington, D.C., lawmakers and their staffs took to Twitter to share their individual views of the ordeal, leaving us with the extraordinary snapshots below. 









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