A lack of pipeline scheduling in West Coast markets sent fuel prices down on Monday, dealers said.

Unleaded ethanol-blend August CARBOB gasoline fell 2.25 cents to an 11-cent discount on September NYMEX RBOB gasoline.

Prices routinely sag on days when there is no pipeline scheduling such as Monday.

September L.A. CARBOB was 2 cents stronger in a bid-offer spread of 3 cents/4 cents on October NYMEX RBOB gasoline.

San Francisco Bay market August CARBOB was priced at 9 cents/8 cents under September NYMEX RBOB.

L.A. market August-delivery CARB diesel sold at 2.5 cents under September NYMEX heating oil. Ultra-low sulfur, EPA-standard diesel was between 10 cents/7 cents under September heating oil.

August jet fuel in L.A. was valued at 1 cent/2 cents over September NYMEX heating oil.

In the Portland, Oregon, market, gasoline was valued at 8 cents under NYMEX RBOB. Diesel was priced at 10 cents over NYMEX heating oil.