Valentine's Day Cards for Veterans is your chance to brighten a soldier's day. Here's how you can put a smile on an American veteran's face today.

The process for participating in Valentine's Day Cards for Veterans is simple, but it can bring so much joy to one of our nations' warriors on this special holiday, when it is always nice to receive a friendly note.

The online initiative allows people to create personal expressions of support and love for Amican veterans. Thousands of Americans have already sent their messages, and today is your last chance to get involved in this positive experience this year.

To participate in Valentine's Day Cards for Veterans, simply follow the four easy steps below:

  • Visit the following link:
  • Follow the instructions on the page to write your personal message to a U.S. veteran.
  • Submit your Valentine's note to be distributed to your veteran Valentine.
  • That's it--you've just brightened a soldier's day!

Any questions or requests for information about the program can be e-mailed to

Valentine's Day Cards for Veterans is a popular initiative created by the grassroots organization Generation Opportunity. The group gets young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 years old involved in a range of positive activities, including the Valentine's Day Cards for Veterans program.

Generation Opportunity's online invitation to participate in the Valentine's Day Cards for Veterans program implores people to get involved:

As Valentine's Day quickly approaches, we at Generation Opportunity hope you will take a moment to write a message to the brave men and women who selflessly and honorably serve our country in the name of freedom.