Valentine’s Day Top Pictures: Cute Moments of Animals & Birds Captured on Lens (PHOTOS)

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  • Valentine's Day Top Pictures
    A pair of tropical "kissing fish", locally called "Jie wen yu", kiss at a pet shop in Shanghai Feb. 14, 2005. The "kissing fish", an aquarium fish that puckers its lips, is a popular gift during Valentine's Day in China. A pair costs 50 yuan ($6). REUTERS/Claro Cortes
  • Valentine's Day Top Pictures
    Love birds are seen at a pet shop on Valentine's Day in Riyadh Feb. 14, 2009. REUTERS/Fahad Shadeed
  • Valentine's Day Top Pictures
    Macaws play inside their cage on Valentine's Day at a zoological park in New Delhi Feb. 14, 2007. REUTERS/B Mathur
  • Valentine's Day Top Pictures
    Two flamingo birds stand side by side creating the shape of a heart in the zoo in Amman Feb. 13, 2005. REUTERS/Ali Jarekji
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If you have had your share of chocolates, cards, flowers and gifts this Valentine’s Day, spare some time to look inside the world of animals.

Here’s a slideshow presenting some of the cutest moments of animals and birds expressing love on Valentine’s Day.

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