Verizon Wireless introduces its femtocells to the market on Monday, a book-sized device that boosts cell phone signals within a new home is being sold now.

The device was expressly designed to allow mobile phones to place crystal-clear calls for mobile user and that could boost a cell phone's range.

The executive VP and chief operating officer for Verizon Jack Plating said that Current and prospective customers have told us they want this, and we are responding to that demand. For those who have wanted to sign up for Verizon Wireless service but hesitated because of reception problems unique to their home locations, this is the answer.

The femtocell, which is made by Samsung, can enhance the ability to send text messages, surf the mobile Web, and download e-mail, the most appealing factor of Verizon's femtocell is the lack of a long-term commitment. The Verizon Network Extender is available now via Verizon Wireless's Web site for $249.99 plus taxes and without monthly fees.

The product competes with T-Mobile's @Home service and Sprint's Airave. AT&T is preparing a MicroCell product for its customers that will offer similar services though it will support 3G phones unlike femtocells that don’t support 3G speeds on Verizon's 3G network.