Some may say that having a modeling career would provide a person great perks such as travel, wearing great clothes and having your face splashed across various fashion magazine. However, Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo recently revealed some of the awkward moments in fashion shoots, particularly the Victoria’s Secret Swim Catalog.

Prinsloo was one of the models who were a part of the famous fashion brand’s latest swimwear catalog. Scenes from fashion shoot were also shown on TV during the Victoria’s Secret Swim Special that aired on Wednesday, March 9. Models such as Prinsloo may be considered an expert when it comes to fashion shoots, but she shared in an interview with People magazine that there were also times when she felt awkward during a photo shoot.

Adam Levine’s wife shared that for the latest Victoria’s Secret Swim catalog, French photographer David Bellemere asked the models to pose in the “most awkward positions.” Prinsloo stated that there were moments when it made her feel “uncomfortable” given the many people that would come to watch the shoot. “There’s a beach full of people around you that don’t know what you’re doing, so you’re, like, so uncomfortable …” she said.

She continued that the pose may seem awkward and “sometimes a little embarrassing,” but when the pictures gets released, the shots would be the “most beautiful thing ever.” Prinsloo also gushed about photographer Bellemere during the interview. She even described him as an “incredible” photographer. “You see his pictures and it blows your mind,” the model explained.

Apart from sharing some behind-the-scenes details from the Victoria’s Secret Swim Catalog shoot, Prinsloo also opened up about some of the downsides to a modeling career. She mentioned that the constant travel was one of the hardest parts, as well as being away from her husband, Maroon 5’s Levine. However, she stated that both she and Levine do a lot of Face Time chats to stay in touch with each.

Meanwhile, she also revealed that the matching tattoo that she got when she married Levine was inked on her side. The model made the revelation during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. The tattoo was a script that read, "You're so cool, you're so cool, you're so cool." On the other hand, Levine’s matching tattoo was located on his right bicep.

Prinsloo and Levine were married in 2014. The couple got the matching tattoos when they tied the knot.