Today's books video is from Matti McLean, who just had a book published called Catalyst: Saga of the Radicals (Brighter Books Publishing House, May 19, 252 pages, $19.95), but seemed low on energy when he recorded this three-minute segment.

He just moved to Toronto, where he lives in a bare apartment.

Essentially what I'm trying to do right now is trying to find any way I can get my book out there. I'm trying to get it into Chapters, I'm trying to get it advertised, I'm trying to get people to notice it on Facebook ... he says.

The plot description on his website sounds interesting enough: The protagonist is a loner, Micah, who lives a perfectly adequate life in an orderly, predictable world, filled with government rules designed to control the people and prevent uprising, until an encounter in a dark alley one Tuesday evening changes his life. 'Catalyst' is a fast-paced sci-fi about a dystopian society which controls their inhabitants out of fear of what they may be able to accomplish, the site says, and the book asks the question, Are you reaching your potential?

So give McLean a hand and learn more about his book at and on Amazon.