Two elderly legends of the Canadian Football League got into a fistfight during a recent luncheon organized to honor them.

The video of the fight shows former quarterback Joe Kapp, 73, taking a flower from a centerpiece and offering it to his former rival, 74-year-old Angelo Mosca, whose response is considerably less than polite.

Kapp then hit Mosca with the flower; Mosca responded by striking Kapp with his cane, knocking off Kapp's glasses; and Kapp responded with a few punches.

The men then lunged at each other and exchanged blows, one of which knocked Mosca to the floor, in front of stunned onlookers. Fellow guests helped Mosca to his feet, while Kapp stood onstage and ranted about his opponent.

According to CNN, the grudge, apparently, goes back 48 years to the CFL championship game where Mosca made what is still widely considered a controversial hit that knocked Kapp's teammate out of the game.

Check out the video.