Who else is ready to kick off the new year with a raid? It was revealed that the hit History Channel series “Vikings” will return to the small screen in February with a brand-new – and dare we say bloody – Season 3.

“Yeah, we’re gonna attack Paris,” Michael Hirst, mastermind behind the historical series, revealed in an interview with Collider.

Throughout the two previous seasons, Ragnar (Travis Fimmel), Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) and the rest of the Nordic crew did their fair share of Europe exploration. But in the new 10-episode installment, the king of Denmark will lead his warriors to the city of lights.

“Paris was the most extraordinary city. It was still a Roman city, and it was like nothing else on earth. We’re just building that, at the moment, on the backlot,” Hirst explained to Collider.

The creator then teased just what he plans on having the Vikings do when they arrive to France. According to Hirst (and history), Ragnar and his fierce combatants will raid Paris with 100 ships.

“We just get bigger and better, I think,” Hirst said of his feelings about the new season. And considering the sophomore series featured a gruesome Blood Eagle, we can only imagine what the creator has up his sleeve!

Because Season 3 is trying to raise the bar of the History Channel series, Hirst divulged that “Vikings” will use computer-generated imagery when Ragnar attacks Paris.

Winnick, no stranger to posting behind-the-scenes pictures of the set of “Vikings,” gave fans a glimpse at the CGI the series will be using, which you can see here. The TV shieldmaiden also teased viewers with stills from the upcoming season on her Instagram account.

“Finishing up the season 3 edits. Coming February 2015. #Vikings,” she wrote, adding in another caption that Season 3 is set to be “killer.”

Are you excited to raid this February with a brand new season of “Vikings”?