A shooting accident took place at a gas station located at 2252 Lincoln Ave in San Jose on Sept. 16 in the morning. A man was shot there when he was pumping gas. The perpetrator hijacked a car about a mile away from the shooting site an hour later.

Sgt.Jason Dwyer, a police department spokesman, has confirmed that the car held under duress has not been found yet and the car the police are looking for is a Toyota Camry.

Dwyer also said the suspect is exremely bold and extremely dangerous” and added that “He appears to be just a one-man crime wave and we want to get him off the streets.” Dwyer also said eyewitnesses saw the perpetrator fleeing a vehicle which seems to be red Nissan coupe.

The victim of the shooting accident got medical aid from an employee of Sylvania Lighting Services who was working there. The employee said he rushed to the aid of the bleeding victim, who was shot on the abdomen.The victim has been sent to Valley Medical Center and Dwyer later said the victim was supposed to survive.  

The police are searching for the perpetrator and the victim in the carjacking incident. Police suspect that the both the car and its owner may be under the influence of the perpetrator.

The identity of the suspect has not been released yet by the police and the police now is trying to find out if the suspect committed other armed robbery or not.

The authorities released a security camera image and a man wearing a white T-shirt painted a letter “T” appeared in this video is believed to be the suspect.

The motive for the crime has not been figured out by the police but witness said it seems to be just a plain armed robbery.