Volvo is recalling 59,000 cars in 40 markets for faulty software that can cause the engine and electric system to shut down briefly while driving, the Associated Press reported Saturday. 

The recall affects five-cylinder diesel models from the 60 and 70 series that were built in mid-2015, Volvo spokesman Stefan Elfstrom told the AP. The primary markets affected are Sweden, Britain and Germany. 

All owners of affected cars will receive a letter in the mail, asking them to contact a local dealership. The problem will be fixed at no charge. 

Volvo is unaware of any accidents occurring due to the faulty software, the Volvo representative told the AP. The engine and electric system will start up again after a pause and is simply “unpleasant,” he said. 

Volvo sold a record 503,127 cars in 2015, up 8 percent from the previous year. 

Meanwhile, Volvo is working on a car that will be as injury-proof as possible. On Thursday, the company revealed a new car model, the V90, in Stockholm, where the company is based, as shown in this video. Volvo is owned by China's  Zhejiang Geely Holding Group.