Talk about Breaking Bad. Wales IT teacher Macphallen Kuwale has been sentenced to three and a half years in prison after authorities uncovered a $1.5 million wholesale cocaine lab in his home, the Telegraph reports.

South Wales police also said Kuwale was "involved in street level dealing." When he was arrested in December 2012, he was found with $13,000 worth of cocaine. 

His operation included hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cutting agents and a pressing machine, said detectives. To set up his deals, he used coded text messages as his alias "Mac." The seized phone spoke of dozens of drug deals, according to authorities. 

According to Detective Timothy Jones of South Wales Police's drug squad, 111 grams of cocaine were seized during the raid at Kuwale's home. The father of two was an IT teacher at Coleg Cymunedol Y Dderwen, Bridgend, at the time of his arrest.    

Along with his prison sentence, Kuwale has also been permanently banned from teaching.