Tired of the same old Valentine’s Day gifts, sick of giving chocolate and flowers? Why not mix it up and give your favorite someone a Zombie Survival Kit, just in case a zombie apocalypse goes down.

Hot on the heels of ‘The Walking Dead’ popularity, Man Crates have created gifts that will make that box of chocolates you bought look weak. Complete with weapons, a book and Spam, these kits will no doubt make that special someone smile.

The ‘Zombie Annihilation Kit’ can by ordered from www.mancrates.com. It will arrive in a wooden crate that has to be opened by what else, a crowbar. Once it's opened you will receive a bunch of zombie-fighting goodies.

First up is a flashlight, complete with four plastic discs to change the color of the light. It's small and compact, but it doesn’t come with the AA batteries it needs.

Then there are the weapons.

First up is an ax with a knife hidden in the handle. We tested it out at IBTimesTV, and this ax is no joke. A machete is also included, and it was able to slice an apple with little effort.

To bury the zombies or to use as a weapon, next up is a folding shovel that is also compact and fairly lightweight. It would be easy to carry and has many uses.

But there are still more weapons, like the paracord knife and a fire starter. While we didn’t know how to use the first starter, it sure would come in handy when cooking food or lighting a fire to keep warm.

For all the details on how to escape zombies or protect your house, some essential reading is a must. “The Zombie Survival Kit” by Max Roberts is a fun and easy to read guide on all you need to know about the walking dead. It gives you a step-by-step guide on how to protect your self just in case a zombie apocalypse does occur.

When you’re fighting all these zombies, no doubt you will work up an appetite. If human flesh doesn’t tickle your fancy, there is always Spam. There is also a basic first aid kit in case you hurt yourself in the zombie battle.

Man Crate gifts range from $99.99- $179.99 and can by ordered at www.mancrates.com