Sunday nights are about to become a little more terrifying. “The Walking Dead” will return this weekend with even more gruesome drama when the second half of Season 5 premieres Sunday, Feb. 8.

Curious as to what you should expect from the upcoming installment of the hit AMC series? Well, before the midseason premiere airs, check out all the juicy spoilers we've rounded up about the gang of survivors:

1. Midseason Premiere Synopsis

The summary provided by AMC for episode 8, “What Happened and What’s Going On,” is extremely brief.  The synopsis teases that after facing “recent trials” the group will take a “slight detour,” which might “prove to be the solution they’ve been looking for.”

2. Daryl’s Depression

Norman Reedus revealed in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter that his character Daryl may be facing some brutal demons following the death of his close friend Beth (Emily Kinney).

“I think it puts him into a depression,” Reedus said, explaining how Beth’s tragic demise will affect his character. “Sophia [Madison Lintz] was like hope. You remember Glenn [Steven Yeun] saying, ‘This is Sophia!’ It was different [with Beth]. She was the bright hope of the future ... an honest and true person.”

3. New Fear

In a promo video, titled “Another Day,” it was shown that the survivors of the apocalypse will face a new type of terror. As lights quickly flash on and off, fans catch a glimpse of Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Glenn struggling to hold up some sort of wall against what we assume are either walkers or human enemies.

4. A New Mission

Rick (Andrew Lincoln) has led his group just about everywhere to search for a safe haven -- from a CDC laboratory to Woodbury and even a cannibal infested “sanctuary.” But now the leader and his gang will take to the road to find a new place to live -- a place that Noah (Tyler James Williams) recommended.

The group’s newest member revealed to Rick in a trailer for the second half of Season 5 that he and Beth planned to travel to this place once they escaped from the hospital. “It was secure; it has a wall, homes, 20 people. Beth wanted to go with him; she wanted to get him there. It’s a long trip but, if it works out, it’s the last long trip we have to make,” Rick says.

5. New Character

A newcomer will be welcomed to the world of walkers when “The Walking Dead” returns. According to TVLine, Ross Marquand from “Mad Men” will be joining the zombie-fighting crew, possibly in the role of Aaron, a gay character from Robert Kirkman’s comic book series.

In an interview in November it was teased that a “prominent” gay character from Kirkman’s comics would debut in the second half of the fifth season. Aaron is a resident of the “Alexandria safe-zone community.”

“The Walking Dead” will return for its Season 5 midseason premiere on Sunday, Feb. 8, at 9 p.m. EST on AMC.