Has Rick (Andrew Lincoln) finally found sanctuary for his friends and family? That’s what Season 5 of “The Walking Dead” will explore when episode 12 airs on Sunday, March, 1.

When viewers last saw the gang in episode 11, they were standing outside the gates of Alexandria, an alleged Safe-Zone located in Virginia, a few miles away from Washington D.C. The group was led to this potential haven by the show’s newest character, Aaron (Ross Marquand).

But just how safe is Alexandria? And what kind of terror could possibly await the survivors when the doors to the alleged refuge finally open? Originally Rick prepared himself for the worst -- that is, until he heard the sound of children playing. Unlike the other “shelters,” which lacked any noises, Alexandria was soundtrack to the comforting sound of kids laughing.

So, do you think Alexandria is safe? If you’re unsure, check out everything we know thus far about the mysterious community from Robert Kirkman’s comics:

1. Central Location

According to the comics, Alexandria will serve as a prominent setting as the series continues. The survivors were said to have lived there nearly three years, the longest stint of time spent in any one location. But that also teases that eventually the group will pick up and leave the safe haven behind. We wonder why?

2. Alexandria’s Evolution

When the gang first arrives at Alexandria the refuge is said to be less than a year old. However, as time passes, the community becomes very developed with the additions of houses, crops and orchards. Move over, Woodbury!

3. Alexandria’s Skeletons

Background information on the safe-zone reveals the eerie story that a man named Alexander Davidson was the original founder of the haven. However, he went drunk with power and was banned from the community by Douglas Monroe, his good friend and co-leader. Monroe lied to Alexandria’s inhabitants, claiming that he killed Davidson and using the body of a burnt walker as proof. Will this come back to haunt Monroe and those living in Alexandria?

4. Alexandria Crowns A New King

Monroe buckles under pressure after Alexandria is attacked twice in the comics by Peter Anderson, a former resident of the safe-zone, and the D.C. scavengers. He then relinquishes his title as leader to Rick, who accepts the role. Looks like farmer Rick is dead and gone!

5. Morgan (Lennie James) Returns

Morgan fans rejoice! In Kirkman’s comics, Morgan meets up with Rick and the gang before they enter the gates of Alexandria. However, the story line is slightly altered in the AMC televised series. Does this mean Morgan will finally reunite with his long-lost friend in Season 5?

6. Negan’s Debut

In addition to the reprisal of old characters, fans will also be introduced to a few new faces like the comic’s most viscous villain, Negan. According to the comic’s plot, Negan and The Savior’s (another group of survivors) will make their brutal debut after Rick accepts the position of Alexandria’s leader. We have a feeling that Glenn (Steve Yeun) might want to start sleeping with one eye open.

Do you think the Alexandria Safe-Zone is a sanctuary or another disaster waiting to happen? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't forget to tune in to "Walking Dead" when episode 12 airs Sunday, March 1, at 9 p.m. EST on AMC.