Season 5 of “The Walking Dead” is all about moving forward. However, episode 5 of the AMC series took Abraham Ford’s (Michael Cudlitz) group of survivors a couple of steps back.

Episode 5, titled “Self Help,” kicked off with Abraham, Eugene (Josh McDermitt), Rosita (Christian Serratos), Glenn (Steven Yeun), Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Tara (Alanna Masteson) on the road to Washington D.C. in the bus that they took from the church. But they didn’t make it very far. In a surprising twist, the bus made it past a group of walkers … but then flipped over.

Everyone survived the crash and managed to eliminate the walkers that were in the vicinity. However they ran into another serious issue when their bus burst into flames. Without any supplies or a vehicle they were left with one option – keep moving forward.

The group found shelter, but Abraham made it clear that they weren’t staying long. He was sticking to the mission – whether they were hurt, missing supplies or vehicle-less.

But it turns out that there was a reason why they were without a vehicle. Eugene admitted to Tara that he had tampered with the church bus in order to slow them down. Tara was shocked, but Eugene’s reasoning made sense. He explained that he was afraid he couldn’t save the world or develop the cure, which would make him a person of no value and not worth resources or protection. Tara told Eugene not to tell anyone what he did and promised to keep his secret.

When the sun came up Abraham moved everyone to a fire truck outside. But the new truck came with a little baggage. The car had been keeping walkers trapped inside the firehouse … and they accidentally let everyone out.

Things looked grim when walkers surrounded the group. However it ended up being Eugene who saved the day when he came up with the bright idea to hose the undead down with the powerful fire hose on the truck. The flesh on the walkers practically melted off, allowing the survivors to move forward with their plans to go to D.C.

Unfortunately the journey was taking a toll on everyone. While Glenn and Tara seemed to be keeping it together, Maggie was worried about leaving Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the others behind. Meanwhile Abraham was acting a little off the wall, going into fits of rage whenever they hit a roadblock.

Everyone went along with Abraham (despite his unbalanced behavior) … until the fire truck broke down. They started walking on the road and came across a ranch of walkers. With so many of the undead around them, everyone agreed that they had to turn back, go around or find an alternative route. However Abraham made it clear that they were going through no matter what.

Abraham’s risky decision forced the group to fight internally in order to stop him. But it was Eugene who managed to get everyone to stop when things turned violent.

“I’m not a scientist,” Eugene yelled. “I lied. I’m not a scientist … I don’t know how to stop it. I’m not a scientist.”

Everyone was silent after Eugene’s big reveal. But it was Rosita who spoke first.

“You are a scientist,” she tried to reason. “I’ve seen the things you could do.”

However Eugene simply told her that he just “knows things” because he’s “smarter than most people.” He continued that he knew he was a very good liar and that he had to get to D.C. But why D.C.? According to Eugene it’s still the best bet for survival.

Rosita ripped into Eugene about all the people who died while on the mission to get him to D.C. All Eugene could say was that he was aware of it, and that he had lost his nerve as they grew closer. But that wasn’t an answer that Abraham liked. He attacked Eugene, punching his face a couple of times before the group was able to pull him off. While Abraham wanted to continue, Rosita’s hand on her gun was the only thing that stopped him. However Abraham might have killed Eugene. The punches to the face caused Eugene to fall face first on the pavement, hitting his head with a sickening crack.

Episode 5 not only highlighted the journey to D.C. and Eugene’s secret, but it also exposed Abraham’s past. “Walking Dead” fans only know Abraham as the tough (and hot headed) army vet who will do anything and everything to get Eugene to D.C. alive. But it turns out that Abraham has a deeply troubled history.

At the beginning of the zombie apocalypse he was with his wife and two children. The group that they were with did something so horrific to his family that Abraham brutally killed multiple men in a fit of rage.

“You’re safe now,” a bloody Abraham told his family when he returned to them. “I stopped them. You don’t have to be scared now.”

But they were scared – of Abraham. While he slept, his wife took off with their children. Unfortunately they didn’t make it far though. Abraham found the bodies of his wife and two kids down the road, and was going to turn a gun on himself when he heard someone yell for help. When he looked up he found Eugene running from a handful of walkers.

Abraham killed the walkers and began walking away from Eugene. However Eugene chased after him, yelling that he can’t leave and that he as a “very important mission.”