“The Hangover” franchise will see its conclusion with the release of “The Hangover Part III” on May 24. Warner Brothers released the first trailer for “The Hangover Part III,” and it promises plenty of antics, comedy and explosions.

The hit comedy series that introduced the world to the “Wolfpack” was a surprise hit when “The Hangover” debuted in 2009. With a modest $35 million budget, the film was a huge summer hit, earning over $460 million, reports Box Office Mojo. At the time, Bradley Cooper was just emerging as a leading man in Hollywood, while Zach Galifianakis was just a beloved indie comic. Ed Helms had begun starring in “The Office” in 2006, so it was rather surprising that three rather untested actors were involved in such a big hit.

With the success of “The Hangover,” a sequel was quickly approved, and “The Hangover Part II” saw Phil, Stu and Alan get into plenty of trouble in Thailand before Stu’s wedding. “The Hangover Part II” earned over $580 million globally, and “The Hangover Part III” will complete the trilogy.

For “The Hangover Part III,” Cooper, Helms and Galifianakis have all returned as has the series’ director, Todd Phillips. “The Hangover Part III” will be rather different from the first two as there is no wedding as the central event bringing the Wolfpack together.

The trailer promises “It all ends” in “The Hangover Part III,” as the Wolfpack returns to Las Vegas. The trailer features more action in the film and appearances by Heather Graham and Ken Jeong. John Goodman and Melissa McCarthy will also star in the film. The trailer ends with the arrival of another unexpected animal. In “The Hangover” there was a tiger, “The Hangover Part II” featured a monkey, and in “The Hangover Part III,” Alan gets a giraffe.

“The Hangover Part III” comes out on May 24 and you can watch the trailer below.