Kristen Stewart is unleashing her humorous and stoner sides as she promotes her upcoming movie, “American Ultra” with co-star Jesse Eisenberg. In the latest promotional video, the two talk about their favorite types of weed.

Stewart and Eisenberg sat down for a video chat with BuzzFeed where they questioned each other on their knowledge about weed and other drugs. “Even if you don’t proclaim yourself as a stoner and you smoke a lot of weed, you’re still a stoner,” Stewart said in the video, which can be seen below.

Eisenberg said the only criterion for being a stoner, is to smoke pot, and explained what would be his favorite type of pot. “I think if there was some kind of marijuana that allowed me to enjoy life, but still, like, remember where I put my keys, I would do that,” said the actor, adding he wants the best of both the worlds.

Eisenberg and Stewart are then told to draw weed as a person and a representation of the word “stoned” in picture. The two take out their pens and go to it, coming up with abstracts. The interview ends with Eisenberg keeping Stewart's drawings and asking her to do the same with his.

The two actors, who play a stoner couple in “American Ultra,” also appeared on the "Today" show to promote the movie. The “Twilight” actress expressed her desire to do more action sequences in her movies. “I love getting physical,” Stewart said on the "Today" show (via Mail Online). “He got to do a lot more than I did.”

Stewart complained she was only given 30 seconds to do a stunt scene in the movie but wishes she had more screen time. “My elbows prove to be useful,” she added. “American Ultra” hits theaters on Aug. 21.

Source: BuzzFeedVideo