Republican Indiana Rep. Mike Pence on Saturday condemned a Democratic climate bill intended to cut emissions of greenhouse gases in the United States, calling it a national energy tax.”

During these difficult times, the American people don't want a national energy tax out of Washington, D.C., Pence said in a weekly radio broadcast, referring to the Waxman-Markey climate bill passed in the House Energy and Commerce Committee last month.

Pence explained that an alternative to the Democratic bill -the Republican energy plan released this week - calls for more domestic exploration for oil and natural gas. The plan also includes commitment to nuclear energy, investments in renewable and alternative energy technologies and incentives to trigger greater conservation of energy from individuals and businesses.

The Markey-Waxman climate bill aims to limit releases of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to stave off the impact on climate change.

Republicans criticize the bill because they say it will increase energy costs for consumers. They also doubt its efficiency to cut emissions. However Democrats state that the costs for consumers can be minimized.