Whether it's urban legend or folklore, sometimes facts can change perception.  A new national survey should alter the perception that McDonald's has the best tasting French fries.

Wendy's new fries taste better than McDonald's fries, according to a national taste test.

Specifically, 56 percent of consumers taking the test chose Wendy's, McDonald's received 39 percent and four percent had no preference.

We're taking on the giant -- McDonald's -- with our natural-cut fries with sea salt, said Ken Calwell, Wendy's chief marketing officer.  Consumers are noticing we have completely new French fries, and we're thrilled with the early results.

Wendy's new fries, which was launched nationally in November 2010, were developed specifically to meet consumers' demand for a better-tasting, higher-quality French fry.

Calwell acknowledged that Wendy's has never had a national reputation for great tasting fries.  A year ago, the company re-engineered its French fries and introduced them into all restaurants last November.

We've listened intently to our customers and incorporated their feedback into our products, said Calwell. The results from this taste test validate our efforts to deliver what our customers want -- better tasting fries.  And our fries are hot with a golden color and a real potato taste seasoned with sea salt.