There is still little information or any clues about the shooter or shooters who killed five people in rural Franklin County, Indiana, a few days ago. State police are now turning to local citizens, in an effort to uncover information and help nab the culprit(s).

On Sunday afternoon, responding to a passerby's call, who in turn was alered by a four-year-old girl wandering on the road near the Napier residence, the police found four bodies - two male and two female - in one house and one male body in another house across the street. It has been more than 24 hours since the five bodies were found, in two different houses. The authorities, however, are still clueless over what happened and there appears to be significant danger hovering over an otherwise calm county.

According to an Associated Press report, family and neighbors have been discussing their own theories about the incident, with some speculating on possible drug-related activity in the area and blaming it on that.

Teresa Richardson, one of the victims' sister, told AP that the family had been involved with drugs and Franklin County Sheriff, Ken Murphy, did admit that his deputies had been to the address previously. However, he did not say whether drugs were involved.

Not much has changed since last night. We still do not have a person or persons of interest and no suspects. We still don't know, Indiana State Police Sergeant Jerry Goodin said.

What we encourage the public to do is keep contacting us with your tips and leads. Even if residents are scared, they need to phone. If you have information on this case ... please call us and let us decide what is valuable information, Goodin added.

Autopsies were conducted, on Monday, on four of the five bodies. The fifth is scheduled for Tuesday. The police have yet to confirm the identity of the dead; details of which will only be released after the fifth autopsy is conducted.

Regardless of a lack of official announcements, the victims have been identified, the AP story reports, by family members claiming police contact, as Roy and Angie Napier and their two adult children Melissa and Jacob Napier, as well as family friend Henry Smith, whose body was found at a separate property nearby.